Be my Bridesmaid/Bridesfellow? Pretty Please!

It’s become a new fad to find a special way to ask your wedding party to be a part of the occasion and in all honesty I really just needed a crafty, summer project. I searched Pinterest for hours, came up with perfect (yet expensive gifts), got a few nudges of reality from Krystal and this is what we came up with.

The supplies I used were:

  • 5 x 5 Cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby (I know how dare we support such an organization, but my friends, an addiction is an addiction).
  • Stamps, Tags, Twine, Washi tape, & Gift Filler also curtesy of Hobby Lobby
  • Airplane Size Liquor Bottles found at any liquor store
  • Ring Pops & juice boxes at any grocery stores
  • Customized Shot Glasses from Simply Fairytales on Etsy

Ask Gift IMG_1715

We had a few bridesmaids that were under 21, but we didn’t want them to not have the customized shot glass. As you know, we must set good examples and thus can’t encourage underage drinking so they got *drum roll please* juice boxes! (We thought it was hilarious…. I’m not sure they thought it was quite as funny.


  • I cut pictures of each bridesmaid/bridesfellow with their bride and put washi tape as a frame inside each of the lids.
  • I stamped the lids with the rings and “all you need is love” quote. I stamped with the pictures technically upside down so that when you opened the box the picture was right-side down. IMG_1747
  • Filled with gift filler (we used 2 bags for 11 boxes)
  • Put the bottles, shot glasses and ring pops inside.
  • Tied the bows and put a tag on it

The shot glasses were awesome! Simply Fairytales really did a fabulous job, I wish we would have ordered ones for us!

Since we don’t have a groom we wanted to find a clever name for the men in our party.  Several options were BrideBro, Bridesman and the “proper title” Attendant to the Bride, but we are lesbians so proper isn’t really our style. We settled on Bridesfellow and Simply Fairytales was happy to accommodate. The only thing that I didn’t catch on the Ring bearer’s tumbler was that there is an engagement ring and a wedding band set on the back. I wish we could’ve changed it to how I stamped the boxes. Regardless, As you can see from some of our happy bridesmaids, their work (and crafting *cue patting myself on the back*) was fabulous.


click on the pictures below to view the gallery


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