A Divine Master Suite

It’s official, we are adults. We have a comforter, sheets, curtains, furniture, AND an accent wall in our bedroom…that match. Whoever made the rule pick your comforter before you pick your room color/decorations was a genius, because this was definitely not what I had in mind, but I’m delighted with our love nest.

IMG_1895 (1)

That’s how it looked when we first moved in. It started off rather dark, notice the dark brown walls & curtains that don’t match. We added curtains (shower curtains by the way), furniture, lamps, and a new wall color.  It transformed the whole room from drab to fresh, bright and as Chris would say “Looks like 2 gay men live here.” (not stereotypical at all right?? But I guess a compliment…). OR as my brother would say in regards to the first picture of our bedroom “It’s definitely a lesbian house! I see cargo shorts, a Shiner Bach, and a beautiful bedspread all in one photo!”

IMG_2217 IMG_2219

The next project we tackled was painting the bathroom. We choose a a little lighter shade of yellow from the bedspread and my personal favorite is the sticker we have on our shower door courtesy of HappyWallz on Etsy (yes, I know I need to get off Etsy.) Four weeks of painting after work and it is finally complete! Remind me never to paint a bathroom again!

BUT our Master Suite is done!


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