Let’s Celebrate!

Better late than never right? Since we are taking wedding planning at turtle speed we figured we should have some sort of party to celebrate our new home and future nuptials.

The party would not been have such a hit without the help of each of our families. To name a few… Tyson slaved away on the brisket, and 4 gallons of sangria (there was not a drop left). Mama Sampson, Mom, and Diana all contributed to a glorious dip and dessert spread. Chris finally got to see completion of the tables he built by attaching the hairpin legs my Grandpa made to the pallet tables.

Coffee Table
Side Table

Dad surprised me with my very own custom made, workbench (lights, plugs, and drawers included). Sorry Chris for ruining your Christmas gift idea!

Liz who came to Texas just for the occasion was baffled by how we just got people to build, assemble, and install it for us. Even our yard decorations were custom made by Mike. I think that Kait and Liz will be submitting their orders very soon! Just remember Chris, Dad, Mike, and Grandpa our orders come first!

Needless to say we are so thankful for everyone in our life and those who continue to support and celebrate with us. Stay tuned for all the DIY projects that were the hit of the party (in my opinion).

Feeling lots of love,


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