Say Cheese! A DIY Photobooth

Any excuse to get a Polaroid camera right? In all honesty we wanted a keepsake to take away from the party that gives people a chance to express themselves and be silly.

I found printable props on Pinterest but it actually turned out to be cheaper to buy a pre-made packet rather then buy sticks, ink and card stock for the printable ones. It was the perfect amount and provided variety for all those candid poses.


For the sign I got a trunk piece that can be bought at Hobby Lobby and Michaels for about $10.00 and painted with chalk board paint and free handed the words/design with chalk marker.

Add a little piece of fabric, spiral notebook, colored pens, washi tape, film and a camera our photobooth was ready to caption.


Some of our guests decided to take the photobooth to a whole other level and struck poses all around our house. Reading all the notes and seeing the hilarious, adorable, and memorable pictures was the best part the next morning.

There were enough pages at the end of the book to paste in all the mad libs that people filled out. Now let me fill out in on the saga of the mad libs…

I found it slightly ridiculous that Etsy and Pinterest suggest I pay $10.00 for a downloadable mad lib that wasn’t exactly what I wanted OR download a free heterosexual file I couldn’t edit; soooo… by adding the wording I liked, combining a few designs and about 30 minutes on Microsoft Publisher I came up with this!

For those of you needing a Mad Lib template you can edit that will be $10.00 please! (JK a free pdf file is at the the end of this post, and I’ll happily e-mail out the publisher version since I can’t attach it here.)

Engagement Party Mad Lib


P.S. More DIY projects to follow.

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