Holly Jolly Christmas!

IMG_2621It’s Christmas time and we finally have a home to decorate full of Christmas cheer AND we are actually together to enjoy it.

Krystal and  I do not have many traditions, but the ones we do have are centered around me being 5 years old. For example, Krystal must stage Gerald (our Elf on the Shelf) so that I discover him when I get home from work. Here are a couple of snapshots of him watching to make sure I make the Nice list.

Gerald takin a drink Namaste Gerald! Just keep knitting! I don't feel so good  IMG_2517

Following with the elf theme, we had an accident this year and got an elf caught in our tree. Oops.


Every year I try to find a uniform/creative way to wrap the Christmas Presents. Last year it was brown paper with an embarrassing picture of the receiver of the gift. This year I found this cute chalk marker idea on black paper. Although the drawings are no work of art, they are whimsical and makes each gift unique.









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  1. Chris Lopez says:

    I’m always amazed at your creativity. Merry Christmas.


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