(drum roll) Ladies and Gents, We have Set a Date!


After months of indecisively going back and forth of what kindof wedding we wanted, if we wanted a wedding at all, how big of a wedding we wanted, and how much we wanted to spend on a wedding. We have come to a solution/conclusion/resolve.

There were several things we both wanted..actually just one.

A celebration that reflected us and the union we were creating together where all those we hold close to our heart could witness and celebrate. 

well maybe two… I wanted my pretty dress.

So after ferocious venue searching for something in our price range, all-inclusive, with the correct capacity, and fit to our style… we have found one and set a date!

We will be getting married at Shirley Acres in Houston on April 15, 2017

Although this will mean that our engagement will have spanned over 2 years it gives us extra time to save and plan for the wedding that we want.

Get ready to Parrrtayyy!!

Krystal and Madi

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