Always a Bridesmaid, Never a…. oh wait!

This chalkboard has seriously been the best Etsy purchase ever!

As Kait’s wedding draws near, her showers and bachelorette parties have begun. Never having had to plan such events, I was a little lost as to what kind of involvement the bride should have since she is “the guest of honor” and what all needs to be done to allow everyone to celebrate instead of coordinate. Thankfully, Kait’s Maid of Honor was also Type A/Pinterest personality, like myself, and we were able to whip out the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party quickly, painlessly and had some fun doing it!

I am of the opinion that the Bride should be involved in the planning each of the festivities as in she gets to make all the fun decisions. A role Kait filled with pleasure; I mean who wouldn’t love saying “I want this” and then seeing it unfold without lifting a finger (hint hint to my Maids of Honor this is how it should go… I think, if not Kait has it MADE!).


First came her Bridal Shower which was a HUGE success! She choose a “Kate Spade: Pink, Black, Gold” theme and it was beautiful and Pinterest worthy if I do say so myself.

Katrina and I picked a few games that the guests could play as a group so everyone was involved and could participate while chit-chatting. We played…

P.S. If you want these templates for yourself see my Etsy shop coming soon!

Missing a few from our tribe

Second came the Bride Tribe Weekend with fashion courtesy to Etsy.  Since our theme was tribal we made headdresses for our evening out (following these instructions) and even got an invitation fitting to the theme from BelvaJune. T-Shirts were from SnowSew, Sashes were from BlackLabelDecor and Hairties were from ElasticHairBandz

Other things that we did that weekend cannot be documented on the world wide web, but will forever be kept in our hearts and memories…and blackmail lists.

~ A Verry Happy Bridesmaid (aka Madi)

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  1. minerva Lara says:

    Maddie–I love receiving your blogs! Love you, Minerva



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