DIY Wine Rack

As young, new homeowners, we still have empty spaces in our home along with empty rooms; so when someone offers us a piece of furniture and gives us license to DIY it we jump on it.

Art work courtesy of Sara Oppelt

I had been searching for a creative way to store our wine bottles and pretty stemware. Krystal’s parents just happened to be getting rid of this piece.

I started by taking off the doors and de-glossing it and then the 10,000 coats of painting began… dear god this took so many coats of paint (I really should’ve primed it)!


I bought some stemware racks on Amazon and installed them on one side. Then Chris built these wine bottle shelves that can be supported by shelf peg brackets. After gathering some nick-nacks around the house we have an a DIY bar fully equipped for your wine-tasting needs.


We need some more of our wine glasses to really get the full effect,(hint, hint… look at our registry) but we are ecstatic to have yet another empty wall filled with one of our projects come to life.


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