A Shower for the Brides!


I’m the bride, I’m the bride too.

This weekend Mama Sampson, Kait and Katrina threw Krystal and I a Bridal Shower. All I can say is … Wow! Everything from the food, decorations, mimosas, to the games was absolute perfection. Although I’d like to take credit for all the cute ideas and DIY projects really the only thing I had a hand in was picking the colors, blue, gray and green (which also double for our wedding colors).

img_3716  img_3710img_3730

We are so privileged to have so much love, happiness, and support surround us on such a celebratory day. There were so many people that made the effort to come in from out of town on their holiday weekend. Words cannot express how thankful we are for each of the people who have made such an impact on our lives and were able to join the party on Saturday and also those who have made just as big of an impact but supported from afar.

img_3737 img_3739

img_3719 img_3725-copy

If anyone is looking for cute Bridal Shower games, “The Shoe Game” was a hit and I may or may not have gotten in trouble with some of my answers… oops!

We cannot express the amount of love we felt on Saturday and the amount of gratitude we feel for having such a special day.

Krystal and Madison

P.S. If you were there and took pictures, please send them to me or post them using our hashtag kmgethitched17


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