5-ish Months to Go!

Ladies and Gentleman, we have officially reached and passed the 6 month mark! I’m not sure about ya’ll but for us it has taken EONS to get here. Thankfully, it has gotten here with little to no stress.

e2711e2a-9ac9-4040-bcb0-061559e75b9cWe (meaning Kait and I) have completed the save the dates and they should be arriving at your lovely homes if they have not already. Like much of our wedding, the save the dates or the STDs as I like to call them were DIY. I got the ideas and templates from Something Turquoise.

This was one of my summer wedding projects and let me just tell you that Kait is a washi tape genius! She created a plethora of different designs and arrangements, making each unique. I, on the other hand, was a pro at the adhesive and assembly line. To each her own.


Our wonderful invitation company, My Urban Invites created this cool band to let people know our website and where the wedding would be held. Something we realized after the STD had been assembled.


We hope that these stickers bring anticipation and joy to your calendar or to your fridge!

Krystal and Madi

P.S. Krystal would like me to state, that although she did not help with the STDs it was not by her choice it was because I would not let her. I confirm this statement.

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