The Great Blizzard of 2017

Our first Christmas as a married couple and South Texas got graced with the first snowfall in 13 years or as some people are calling it The Great Blizzard of 2017 . We were so giddy with excitement that we got bundled up at 2 a.m. and went outside to witness it. Waking up cuddle up together with our dogs and watching the snow fall out of our window was probably the best morning of the year.

Resized_DSC_1776Unfortunately, my district did not cancel or delay school, but I’m not as bitter as I was upon leaving the house, because as soon as I arrived I joined all the theatre kids in a snowball fight that continued through my first period class. As a teacher, I am all for getting the most productivity out of my classes but I also know more memories are made and lessons learned on days like this. Days where the kids can pelt the teacher with the biggest snowball known to man and not get in trouble for it but get a return of snowballs thrown in their direction. Lets just say before I returned to the classroom I had to shake off the layers of snow. Above is a picture that a student took of me after I pelted his camera with a snowball right on the lens.


It was also the first snow our little puppies witnessed. They were not in the least bit amused and Harper told us so by pooping on the living room floor.

I still get giddy thinking about what a fun day it was in the snow, but true to Texas form we were walking around without jackets by 12:00 p.m.

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