Christmas at the O’Briens

My favorite holiday of all is right around the corner! No it’s not my favorite because it happens to be so close to my birthday or because I get two weeks to drink hot coco, watch TV and sleep in… or maybe that is the reason it’s my favorite.

It’s our first Christmas as a married couple and also the first Christmas we won’t have to travel. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to waking up in my own bed and opening our gifts under our tree ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. It seems unreal.

Our traditions continue, some old some new. Krystal will receive her 5th and 6th photo books this year; one for 2017 and one for our Wedding. We always open this gift last cuddled up under the tree while reflecting on the memories and adventures we have had over the past year.

We also splurged and bought an ornament to commemorate our first, married Christmas. We got it at a little kiosk in the mall called “Santa’s Pen” and of course we couldn’t forget our little fur babies.


Our final traditions, which always seems to be the crowd pleaser is our wrapping theme. For those of you that are new, each year I wrap the gifts in a universal theme. Previous years have included: chalkboard art, Santa’s belt buckle, and a few more that picture proof of seems to have vanished. This years theme is RUDOLPH because honestly what is cuter than a reindeer? Especially one with googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose (all courtesy of Amazon.-  see below)

I am running out of wrapping ideas and so is Pinterest. Any ideas for next year?

Wrapping Supplies:

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