Valentine’s Day in a Box

Krystal and I have always struggled with Valentine’s Day, it always seems to fall in the middle of the week, during the busiest season of the year when neither of us have any energy to fight the crowds for a romantic evening. This year I decided to take over or shall let DateBox take over.

Awhile back while scrolling through Instagram I ran across an ad for a monthly subscription box called “DateBox.” It is a monthly subscription box tailored to you and your partner that you receive on the 15th of each month.

You start by picking your plan. They range from a digital only date for $7.99 a month to a monthly box from $32.96-$39.96 a month depending on serious you are about the subscription.

Once you’ve picked a plan you answer a brief questionnaire about what you and your partner are looking for in a date and what you enjoy doing. Since I was keeping this a surprise I filled it out on my own for the first month, but it is something that Krystal and I can go back to and answer together. The dates vary from “in your home” to “in my city” depending on your answers to the questionnaire.

Here is some pictures from our date last night from DateBox. We also have been slacking on printing/hanging up wedding pictures around the house, so I surprised Krystal with one we had pick out together and finally hung it above our bed (and a cute pillow from Ross – I couldn’t resist).

Now the question I know some of you are asking… Is it same-sex relationship friendly? Last nights date had no hint of hetronormativity in it. Although much of their marketing pictures hertrosexual couples, their language on their blog and website does not use heterosexual vocabulary and seems (to me at least) to try and avoid using vocabulary that would alienate same-sex couples. So stay tuned if dates in the future bring this into play.

If you are interested in trying this out, click on this link and let me know what you think. Do you have a monthly subscription box that you just can’t get enough of? Comment below!


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