One Year of Happily Ever After: Part 1

Before we get into all the mushy stuff of celebrating our anniversary lets re-cap our first year of marriage with a few of the highlights.


We celebrated a weekend early by taking a road trip to San Antonio. We splurged and stayed at La Cantera Resort & Spa and adventured at some tourist spots that we hadn’t been to.

Krystal and I have made it a goal in our first year of marriage to branch out, go on adventures together, and just generally do fun stuff. Since we are typically boring home bodies sometimes this is a stretch for us. We had a blast having new adventures in San Antonio, some we hadn’t experienced in years and some brand new.

We are adults so the is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. Don’t judge us!

I hadn’t been to the Tower of America’s in years and Krystal had never been. And the opposite was true for the boat rides on the Riverwalk so we become tourist Sunday morning.

Krystal would like me to state that I didn’t not take her to the zoo… in the 60 degree weather. Also, I was an extreme tourist with my new selfie-stick that drove Krystal insane but at the end of the trip approved she the purchase. I will say it is pretty bad ass and worth the money if you are searching for the perfect one. I can’t wait to use it in Cancun and it will come in handy on trips that are just us two.


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