Free Little Library – A DIY Project

At the end of the semester when work had finally calmed down I put my amazing scene shop to good use. I have always wanted a Free Little Library; for those of you who don’t know what this is, below is a short video explaining.

I decided to build one featured on DIY Network. It took me about an afternoon to build and then another to stain, paint, seal and install hardware. Because I was able to use some scrap-wood and supplies I already owned it turned out to be rather inexpensive (about $50.) I purchased a charter sign ($40) and then ordered all my succulents on Amazon ($30); who would’ve thought Amazon sold plants?! The libraries on their website range from about $250-$500 and I built mine for about $120 *insert hair toss here.*

I am so thrilled with how it turned out and FINALLY put it in our front yard at our new (to us) house. I put a canister of treats for any passing puppies. Come to find out we will be one of only three in the Corpus Christi area. Within 24 hours people were already starting to put books in and stop by for a visit. If you need a summer read feel free to stop by and pick one up!

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