Date Night at the O’Briens

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With the craziness of remodeling, moving, traveling and everything else the summer and start of the school year brings Krystal and I haven’t had much quality time together let alone a real deal date night. Planning a date night that doesn’t take a lot of effort but feels spontaneous is always challenging; especially for two type A people who want everything line out for them and no anxiety as to what needs to be prepared. Inevitably we end up having a “date night” going to dinner coming home and watching Netflix and going to bed early.

“Get Date Box” has been perfect for us to share quality time together with little to no planning and still do something that isn’t in our normal routine or even something we would think to do.

It starts with a card of everything you will need that doesn’t come in the box, “date prep.” For this date it included a cake pan, 3/4 cup of water, mixing bowl. You get the idea.

As a little preview it gives you a card as what is in the box and each date night comes with a booklet step by step. These dates can be as long or as short as you desire. They include conversation starts and a Spotify playlist to really take the pressure off.

This specific box came with cake pops to make and a canvas to paint.

After sticking the cake mix in the oven, we prepped our canvas to paint then shaped the cake pops, then b

ack to painting till they were ready to chow down on. (Harper/Sebastian loves living the cake batter off our hands)

The paints and paint brushes weren’t the best quality but for the price you really can’t beat all that it includes especially if it’s hassle-free. Of course you can’t give Krystal and I the full spectrum of the rainbow and expect us to not do some pride themed art. I think it’s perfect for my office.


I have been very pleased with the company as far as being same sex friendly and really encourage this if you are bad about planning quality time or just want something different in your dates. Go to Get Date Box and see all their subscription options AND if you want half off your first box use code 2MOMS50

As we get more boxes and have more of a variety of dates, I’ll share with you all our exciting activities!

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