Are you ready to see “our” Fixer Upper?


The month of May was pure chaos… well really it was just the last 15 days. We decided a several months ago to move into my Father-in-law’s rental house when our lease was up. It needed some TLC, so we decided to take posession a few weeks before we needed to be out of our townhome.

Our days were pretty much: Work. Do projects. Eat. Crash. Repeat. But after 10 days and all of our parents and family pitching in to push us past the finish line we are finally all settled in a house that feels like our own. I’ve included some before and after pictures below. Count how many times you can spot Harper, she made it a point to be in almost every picture.


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(Hopefully soon-to-be) Nursery

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Guest & Living Room

If you guessed 4, you are right!! Harper was in 4 pictures.

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