Two Years, Forever to Go

Krystal and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday (April 15th). Although there were many big milestones none really compare to getting pregnant with our daughter. I even asked Krystal last night what her favorite part of year two was and she said, “pretty much anything to do with the baby.” I ditto that statement. Our milestones included downsizing and moving into our adorable flip house, retrieving, transferring, and getting pregnant on our first try using reciprocal IVF. We’ve had our struggles this year, but they pail in comparison to how incredibly privileged we are and continue to be.

With me being 9 months pregnant we kept it pretty low key but still managed to toast to year number three, eat some chocolate covered strawberries, and watch our wedding video. Surprisingly our gifts to each other were extremely similar and both kept with the cotton tradition. She gave me this Mommy & Me robe set to wear while we are in the hospital and I gave her a robe for skin-to-skin while we are in the hospital with this a custom tag I found on Etsy from ShannahJSmith. (I’ll wait to post pictures of my robe till our sweet peas arrival.)

Needless to say we are anxious for year three since we get to welcome our little one into the world.

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