5 Tips to Changing to Cruelty-Free Products

Over the past several months I have begun the process of changing a variety of our household, beauty, and skincare products to Cruelty-Free products. In addition to searching for cruelty-free I also tend to gravitate towards vegan/all natural products merely … Continue reading

Garage Sale Finds

Summer project number…. I lost track!

With our new peak in guests we wanted to make the rooms more welcoming and comfortable. One of these tasks included moving a TV into what we call the “Green Room.” We were reluctant to put another hole in our wall by hanging it (we learned the hard way with Tyson) so we set out in search for something to set it on.

IMG_3466Lucky for us, our subdivision was having a community garage sale; FYI Krystal however did not think it was so lucky. Sleepyhead wouldn’t get up so I went and did an initial viewing and then picked her up a little later. Coffee and dogs in tow we found this shelf for $8.00, but I got it for $5.00. (The first rule of garage sale finds: Bargain!)

We wanted it to be the same cream/ivory color as the nightstand and neutralize the only un-neutral room in the house (notice the green walls). We started with one coat of primer and actually figured out that instead of buying ivory paint we could use our wall paint that the previous owners had left us. So three coats of cream and one coat of clear gloss varnish later and Voila! As a bonus I finally got my Nancy Drew books out of boxes. IMG_3476

On to the next project!

Madison & the reluctant garage sale newbie Krystal

DIY Wine Rack

As young, new homeowners, we still have empty spaces in our home along with empty rooms; so when someone offers us a piece of furniture and gives us license to DIY it we jump on it.


Art work courtesy of Sara Oppelt

I had been searching for a creative way to store our wine bottles and pretty stemware. Krystal’s parents just happened to be getting rid of this piece.

I started by taking off the doors and de-glossing it and then the 10,000 coats of painting began… dear god this took so many coats of paint (I really should’ve primed it)!


I bought some stemware racks on Amazon and installed them on one side. Then Chris built these wine bottle shelves that can be supported by shelf peg brackets. After gathering some nick-nacks around the house we have an a DIY bar fully equipped for your wine-tasting needs.


We need some more of our wine glasses to really get the full effect,(hint, hint… look at our registry) but we are ecstatic to have yet another empty wall filled with one of our projects come to life.


Hi, My name is Madison and I’m addicted to Etsy.

If it wasn’t clear before this post I have an addiction to Etsy. As we planned for our engagement party, everything we need just happened to be easily available and equally perfect, adorable and semi-affordable on Etsy.


Stage One: Oblivion “Oh look at this cute thing on Etsy. la la la.”

Its not often that you find a engagement party/homeowners party invitation. I scowered Pinterest for customizable options, but I found an invitation that was not only perfect but cut down on paper/envelope/postage costs due to it being a postcard printable. The invitation was from Trendy Printables. The shop was quick with revisions and all the documents needs to make the printing a breeze at Office Depot.

Address Stamp

Stage Two: Justification “We will use this stamp for years to come!”

Instead of writing return addresses on 80 postcards Renne Nicole Designs customized this address stamp that has a wooden handle and is easy to clean.  We will definitely be using this on our wedding invitations!



Stage Three: Seeking Comfort “No one else does it quiet like Etsy”

In all honesty, I looked everywhere BUT Etsy for a chalk board. I couldn’t find one that was big enough, went with our rustic/modern decor, and wasn’t astronomically expensive.  I mean $200 for a chalkboard is ridiculous! Finally went to Etsy and I found Mintage Designs who built this chalkboard with rustic wood at the right size AND shipped it within two weeks for $35.00.

The tracing of it was not quite as easy as making an order on Etsy, it took about four hours. I followed the directions here and just printed off the template that I had create in word. Special thanks to Liz & Krystal for all their moral support.

IMG_2605 (1)

Stage Four: “If its under $10 does it really count?”

In my humble opinion a party is not a party without the correctly shaped cookies. So how about a few engagement ring and house shaped cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Shop to make the celebration real! Special thanks to Mama Sampson for making the cookies.

The struggle is real.



A Divine Master Suite

It’s official, we are adults. We have a comforter, sheets, curtains, furniture, AND an accent wall in our bedroom…that match. Whoever made the rule pick your comforter before you pick your room color/decorations was a genius, because this was definitely not what I had in mind, but I’m delighted with our love nest.

IMG_1895 (1)

That’s how it looked when we first moved in. It started off rather dark, notice the dark brown walls & curtains that don’t match. We added curtains (shower curtains by the way), furniture, lamps, and a new wall color.  It transformed the whole room from drab to fresh, bright and as Chris would say “Looks like 2 gay men live here.” (not stereotypical at all right?? But I guess a compliment…). OR as my brother would say in regards to the first picture of our bedroom “It’s definitely a lesbian house! I see cargo shorts, a Shiner Bach, and a beautiful bedspread all in one photo!”

IMG_2217 IMG_2219

The next project we tackled was painting the bathroom. We choose a a little lighter shade of yellow from the bedspread and my personal favorite is the sticker we have on our shower door courtesy of HappyWallz on Etsy (yes, I know I need to get off Etsy.) Four weeks of painting after work and it is finally complete! Remind me never to paint a bathroom again!

BUT our Master Suite is done!