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This system is wonderful for any stage of motherhood.  I breastfeed Amelia and let me tell you it makes our lives SOOOO much easier and cuts down on dishes. It is a system that allows you to pump directly into a bag, freeze/store in that same bag, warm, then attach the bag to a bottle carrier and snap on a nipple. This means you only have to wash your pumping parts, no bottles, because it has an adapter for literally any style of pump. When you feed through a bottle you only have to wash the nipple and discard the bag. If your child doesn’t like the Kiinde nipple they make adapters for any brand nipple they prefer. It is amazing! You can try the free starter kit here which comes with all the breast pump and bottle adapters you would ever need and also comes with a coupon for more bags!

Get Date Box

A monthly subscription box that offers a hassle free date night for you and your special someone. If you want to find out more visit our Valentine’s Day post and Date Night post for a great example of the fun activities these can include. If you want 50% off your first box use our code: 2MOMS50

Get Quip

Another monthly subscription but we don’t really use it as such. The toothbrushes are fabulous, the toothpaste is nothing to write home about. What we do it just put our subscription on “pause” and only order new brush heads when we need them which also come with replacement batteries so you don’t have to worry about anything. I personally really like the mirror mount; it can truly be stuck and restuck. I take it to travel all the time and have put it on multiple hotel mirrors and it still sticks to my mirror when we get home.  We’ve had ours for about a year, that is some awesome durability.  Another fun addition is the little tubes that the bushes and brush heads come in, are great for my knitting needles and notions. For $5 credit towards a brush head refill use the code: madison902413350752  or follow this link.