(drum roll) Ladies and Gents, We have Set a Date!


After months of indecisively going back and forth of what kindof wedding we wanted, if we wanted a wedding at all, how big of a wedding we wanted, and how much we wanted to spend on a wedding. We have come to a solution/conclusion/resolve.

There were several things we both wanted..actually just one.

A celebration that reflected us and the union we were creating together where all those we hold close to our heart could witness and celebrate. 

well maybe two… I wanted my pretty dress.

So after ferocious venue searching for something in our price range, all-inclusive, with the correct capacity, and fit to our style… we have found one and set a date!

We will be getting married at Shirley Acres in Houston on April 15, 2017

Although this will mean that our engagement will have spanned over 2 years it gives us extra time to save and plan for the wedding that we want.

Get ready to Parrrtayyy!!

Krystal and Madi

Hi, My name is Madison and I’m addicted to Etsy.

If it wasn’t clear before this post I have an addiction to Etsy. As we planned for our engagement party, everything we need just happened to be easily available and equally perfect, adorable and semi-affordable on Etsy.

Stage One: Oblivion “Oh look at this cute thing on Etsy. la la la.”

Its not often that you find a engagement party/homeowners party invitation. I scowered Pinterest for customizable options, but I found an invitation that was not only perfect but cut down on paper/envelope/postage costs due to it being a postcard printable. The invitation was from Trendy Printables. The shop was quick with revisions and all the documents needs to make the printing a breeze at Office Depot.

Address Stamp
Stage Two: Justification “We will use this stamp for years to come!”

Instead of writing return addresses on 80 postcards Renne Nicole Designs customized this address stamp that has a wooden handle and is easy to clean.  We will definitely be using this on our wedding invitations!

Stage Three: Seeking Comfort “No one else does it quiet like Etsy”

In all honesty, I looked everywhere BUT Etsy for a chalk board. I couldn’t find one that was big enough, went with our rustic/modern decor, and wasn’t astronomically expensive.  I mean $200 for a chalkboard is ridiculous! Finally went to Etsy and I found Mintage Designs who built this chalkboard with rustic wood at the right size AND shipped it within two weeks for $35.00.

The tracing of it was not quite as easy as making an order on Etsy, it took about four hours. I followed the directions here and just printed off the template that I had create in word. Special thanks to Liz & Krystal for all their moral support.

IMG_2605 (1)
Stage Four: “If its under $10 does it really count?”

In my humble opinion a party is not a party without the correctly shaped cookies. So how about a few engagement ring and house shaped cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Shop to make the celebration real! Special thanks to Mama Sampson for making the cookies.

The struggle is real.


Holly Jolly Christmas!

IMG_2621It’s Christmas time and we finally have a home to decorate full of Christmas cheer AND we are actually together to enjoy it.

Krystal and  I do not have many traditions, but the ones we do have are centered around me being 5 years old. For example, Krystal must stage Gerald (our Elf on the Shelf) so that I discover him when I get home from work. Here are a couple of snapshots of him watching to make sure I make the Nice list.

Gerald takin a drink Namaste Gerald! Just keep knitting! I don't feel so good  IMG_2517

Following with the elf theme, we had an accident this year and got an elf caught in our tree. Oops.


Every year I try to find a uniform/creative way to wrap the Christmas Presents. Last year it was brown paper with an embarrassing picture of the receiver of the gift. This year I found this cute chalk marker idea on black paper. Although the drawings are no work of art, they are whimsical and makes each gift unique.









Say Cheese! A DIY Photobooth

Any excuse to get a Polaroid camera right? In all honesty we wanted a keepsake to take away from the party that gives people a chance to express themselves and be silly.

I found printable props on Pinterest but it actually turned out to be cheaper to buy a pre-made packet rather then buy sticks, ink and card stock for the printable ones. It was the perfect amount and provided variety for all those candid poses.


For the sign I got a trunk piece that can be bought at Hobby Lobby and Michaels for about $10.00 and painted with chalk board paint and free handed the words/design with chalk marker.

Add a little piece of fabric, spiral notebook, colored pens, washi tape, film and a camera our photobooth was ready to caption.


Some of our guests decided to take the photobooth to a whole other level and struck poses all around our house. Reading all the notes and seeing the hilarious, adorable, and memorable pictures was the best part the next morning.

There were enough pages at the end of the book to paste in all the mad libs that people filled out. Now let me fill out in on the saga of the mad libs…

I found it slightly ridiculous that Etsy and Pinterest suggest I pay $10.00 for a downloadable mad lib that wasn’t exactly what I wanted OR download a free heterosexual file I couldn’t edit; soooo… by adding the wording I liked, combining a few designs and about 30 minutes on Microsoft Publisher I came up with this!

For those of you needing a Mad Lib template you can edit that will be $10.00 please! (JK a free pdf file is at the the end of this post, and I’ll happily e-mail out the publisher version since I can’t attach it here.)

Engagement Party Mad Lib


P.S. More DIY projects to follow.

Let’s Celebrate!

Better late than never right? Since we are taking wedding planning at turtle speed we figured we should have some sort of party to celebrate our new home and future nuptials.

The party would not been have such a hit without the help of each of our families. To name a few… Tyson slaved away on the brisket, and 4 gallons of sangria (there was not a drop left). Mama Sampson, Mom, and Diana all contributed to a glorious dip and dessert spread. Chris finally got to see completion of the tables he built by attaching the hairpin legs my Grandpa made to the pallet tables.

Coffee Table
Side Table

Dad surprised me with my very own custom made, workbench (lights, plugs, and drawers included). Sorry Chris for ruining your Christmas gift idea!

Liz who came to Texas just for the occasion was baffled by how we just got people to build, assemble, and install it for us. Even our yard decorations were custom made by Mike. I think that Kait and Liz will be submitting their orders very soon! Just remember Chris, Dad, Mike, and Grandpa our orders come first!

Needless to say we are so thankful for everyone in our life and those who continue to support and celebrate with us. Stay tuned for all the DIY projects that were the hit of the party (in my opinion).

Feeling lots of love,


A Divine Master Suite

It’s official, we are adults. We have a comforter, sheets, curtains, furniture, AND an accent wall in our bedroom…that match. Whoever made the rule pick your comforter before you pick your room color/decorations was a genius, because this was definitely not what I had in mind, but I’m delighted with our love nest.

IMG_1895 (1)

That’s how it looked when we first moved in. It started off rather dark, notice the dark brown walls & curtains that don’t match. We added curtains (shower curtains by the way), furniture, lamps, and a new wall color.  It transformed the whole room from drab to fresh, bright and as Chris would say “Looks like 2 gay men live here.” (not stereotypical at all right?? But I guess a compliment…). OR as my brother would say in regards to the first picture of our bedroom “It’s definitely a lesbian house! I see cargo shorts, a Shiner Bach, and a beautiful bedspread all in one photo!”

IMG_2217 IMG_2219

The next project we tackled was painting the bathroom. We choose a a little lighter shade of yellow from the bedspread and my personal favorite is the sticker we have on our shower door courtesy of HappyWallz on Etsy (yes, I know I need to get off Etsy.) Four weeks of painting after work and it is finally complete! Remind me never to paint a bathroom again!

BUT our Master Suite is done!


Project Weekend Numero Uno


With two baskets, many dollars, and 3 gays on “overload” with throw pillows our Saturday shopping excursion concluded. Needless to say we came home with lots of pillows, blankets, sheets, duvets (Oh my!) to transform our guest bedrooms from empty rooms to designer masterpieces (all credit goes to Tyson, we were merely minions.)

Green Room
Turquoise Room

Both of the beds pictured above are over a hundred years old and were stored in Tyson’s grandmother’s barn. After 6 cans of spray paint we came to this beauty.

There was logically nothing wrong with the lighting in our kitchen, BUT who doesn’t need a little bit of sparkle, gaudy, zazzle  (whatever you want to call it) so here is ours!


More pictures to follow as we make our house a home.


We are Homeowners!

It seems like it has been forever in the making, after two years of long distance and working towards a common goal that felt like would never actually happen, But WE DID IT!

1)Krystal graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Administration and got a job with Houston Eye Associates in May. 2) I am now the Technical Director at Pasadena High School. 3) We are finally living together in our new house. That’s right we are homeowners!

(notice the awesome-sauce wreath I made)

Because we are smart and just all around OCD planners we moved in on the very first day of school – which we couldn’t have done without the Sampson & Krystal’s Dad help. Nonetheless, everything is unpacked and it is slowly starting to look like a home (even with our minimal furnishing). I am so excited to have a fresh canvas to decorate and put my … I mean our….own styles and personalities into. Don’t worry pictures of our DIY projects will be coming soon!

~ Madison

All reservations must be submitted either written or verbally at least 2 minutes before you ring the door bell. Complimentary coffee is provided. 

Be my Bridesmaid/Bridesfellow? Pretty Please!

It’s become a new fad to find a special way to ask your wedding party to be a part of the occasion and in all honesty I really just needed a crafty, summer project. I searched Pinterest for hours, came up with perfect (yet expensive gifts), got a few nudges of reality from Krystal and this is what we came up with.

The supplies I used were:

  • 5 x 5 Cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby (I know how dare we support such an organization, but my friends, an addiction is an addiction).
  • Stamps, Tags, Twine, Washi tape, & Gift Filler also curtesy of Hobby Lobby
  • Airplane Size Liquor Bottles found at any liquor store
  • Ring Pops & juice boxes at any grocery stores
  • Customized Shot Glasses from Simply Fairytales on Etsy

Ask Gift IMG_1715

We had a few bridesmaids that were under 21, but we didn’t want them to not have the customized shot glass. As you know, we must set good examples and thus can’t encourage underage drinking so they got *drum roll please* juice boxes! (We thought it was hilarious…. I’m not sure they thought it was quite as funny.


  • I cut pictures of each bridesmaid/bridesfellow with their bride and put washi tape as a frame inside each of the lids.
  • I stamped the lids with the rings and “all you need is love” quote. I stamped with the pictures technically upside down so that when you opened the box the picture was right-side down. IMG_1747
  • Filled with gift filler (we used 2 bags for 11 boxes)
  • Put the bottles, shot glasses and ring pops inside.
  • Tied the bows and put a tag on it

The shot glasses were awesome! Simply Fairytales really did a fabulous job, I wish we would have ordered ones for us!

Since we don’t have a groom we wanted to find a clever name for the men in our party.  Several options were BrideBro, Bridesman and the “proper title” Attendant to the Bride, but we are lesbians so proper isn’t really our style. We settled on Bridesfellow and Simply Fairytales was happy to accommodate. The only thing that I didn’t catch on the Ring bearer’s tumbler was that there is an engagement ring and a wedding band set on the back. I wish we could’ve changed it to how I stamped the boxes. Regardless, As you can see from some of our happy bridesmaids, their work (and crafting *cue patting myself on the back*) was fabulous.


click on the pictures below to view the gallery


She Put a Ring on it Part 1: Madi’s Proposal

Krystal proposed to me at sunset on March 16, 2015 at Inks Lake State Park at 7:35-ish. Yes, I do remember the exact time because I had been hearing about this sunset the ENTIRE trip. Krystal had stressed to me from the get-go that she wanted to see at least one sunset on our camping trip this year and I needed to make it happen.

At this point (the 2nd day), our trip had been filled with good company, great food (not bragging at all), a 5 mile hike, and an hour-long kayak ride. We had arrived back at the campsite about an hour before and I began the process of making dinner, which involved fresh corn on the campfire grill.

At around 7:27 I realized that if we were going to see the sunset we better go now or I would never hear the end of it. So I grabbed a hot ear of corn off the grill, lathered it with butter and tony’s and grabbed my girl for a “romantic sunset.” Please not the quotations here because this was possibly the most pathetic, anti-climatic sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. The random guy in the canoe and me slurping up the butter on my corn-on-the-cob (that I was holding by the husk I might add) only added to the romance build-up.

After awhile I began to walk back and Eric and Krystal followed a few steps behind. (I later found out that this was the point where Eric told Krystal not to be a chicken sh#t). Krystal lagged behind and Eric caught up with me telling me to go talk to her. I immediately thought I had messed-up and was preparing to kiss-ass so she wouldn’t be mad at me for the rest of the trip.

She put her arms around me and said the most romantic things (notice no quotations… real deal people!) and got down on one knee, used my full name and asked me to marry her.

Post proposalI said yes, of course and kissed and hugged her and then…. I noticed the ring. Let’s just say I did not make it easy for her to find everything I wanted but she made me exactly what i wanted and it was all i could do to not stare at it for the rest of the trip. Madi's Ring

We joked later that the proposal fit us perfectly and it did. Neither of us had make-up on we probably smelled like hell, I was stubborn and had to bring an ear of corn which I proceeded to eat, Eric was a horrible photographer, we had a random guy in a canoe, the sunset was pathetic, BUT…

It was perfect because it fit us. Our lives tend to be a chaotic mess of bad luck, “uh ohs” and “well that didn’t go as planned” but we make the best of it because we are together, experiencing life and it’s chaotic moments as partners (ahem I mean fiancees).

~ Madison