DIY Ring Bearer’s Box

So having over a year to plan our wedding has given me the ability to DIY projects that I want ahead of time and enjoy the process rather than trying to rush to get it done by the big day. My first DIY project was the Ring Bearers box. I got my inspirations from severalContinue reading “DIY Ring Bearer’s Box”

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a…. oh wait!

As Kait’s wedding draws near, her showers and bachelorette parties have begun. Never having had to plan such events, I was a little lost as to what kind of involvement the bride should have since she is “the guest of honor” and what all needs to be done to allow everyone to celebrate instead ofContinue reading “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a…. oh wait!”

(drum roll) Ladies and Gents, We have Set a Date!

After months of indecisively going back and forth of what kindof wedding we wanted, if we wanted a wedding at all, how big of a wedding we wanted, and how much we wanted to spend on a wedding. We have come to a solution/conclusion/resolve. There were several things we both wanted..actually just one. A celebrationContinue reading “(drum roll) Ladies and Gents, We have Set a Date!”

Hi, My name is Madison and I’m addicted to Etsy.

If it wasn’t clear before this post I have an addiction to Etsy. As we planned for our engagement party, everything we need just happened to be easily available and equally perfect, adorable and semi-affordable on Etsy. Its not often that you find a engagement party/homeowners party invitation. I scowered Pinterest for customizable options, butContinue reading “Hi, My name is Madison and I’m addicted to Etsy.”

Holly Jolly Christmas!

It’s Christmas time and we finally have a home to decorate full of Christmas cheer AND we are actually together to enjoy it. Krystal and  I do not have many traditions, but the ones we do have are centered around me being 5 years old. For example, Krystal must stage Gerald (our Elf on theContinue reading “Holly Jolly Christmas!”

Say Cheese! A DIY Photobooth

Any excuse to get a Polaroid camera right? In all honesty we wanted a keepsake to take away from the party that gives people a chance to express themselves and be silly. I found printable props on Pinterest but it actually turned out to be cheaper to buy a pre-made packet rather then buy sticks,Continue reading “Say Cheese! A DIY Photobooth”

Let’s Celebrate!

Better late than never right? Since we are taking wedding planning at turtle speed we figured we should have some sort of party to celebrate our new home and future nuptials. The party would not been have such a hit without the help of each of our families. To name a few… Tyson slaved away onContinue reading “Let’s Celebrate!”

A Divine Master Suite

It’s official, we are adults. We have a comforter, sheets, curtains, furniture, AND an accent wall in our bedroom…that match. Whoever made the rule pick your comforter before you pick your room color/decorations was a genius, because this was definitely not what I had in mind, but I’m delighted with our love nest. That’s howContinue reading “A Divine Master Suite”

Project Weekend Numero Uno

With two baskets, many dollars, and 3 gays on “overload” with throw pillows our Saturday shopping excursion concluded. Needless to say we came home with lots of pillows, blankets, sheets, duvets (Oh my!) to transform our guest bedrooms from empty rooms to designer masterpieces (all credit goes to Tyson, we were merely minions.) Both of theContinue reading “Project Weekend Numero Uno”

She Put a Ring on it Part 1: Madi’s Proposal

Krystal proposed to me at sunset on March 16, 2015 at Inks Lake State Park at 7:35-ish. Yes, I do remember the exact time because I had been hearing about this sunset the ENTIRE trip. Krystal had stressed to me from the get-go that she wanted to see at least one sunset on our campingContinue reading “She Put a Ring on it Part 1: Madi’s Proposal”