Journey to Bebe #2: FET

(Imagine “bebe” is said like Miora Rose on Schitt’s Creek) Last we left off, Krystal and I had made the decision to use Krystal’s embryo from the remaining 9 from our previous cycle of Reciprocal IVF. This was the process we did with Amelia which combined Krystal’s egg with donor sperm. Because we still had…

Amelia’s Conception Book

We have always had the intention of being honest with Amelia about how she was conceived. The one area we have limited exposure is that no one knows anything about her donor other than Krystal and I.

Truths of a Non-Genetic Parent

It’s so strange to realize that I carried Amelia inside of me, I literally gave her life, yet she shares none of my DNA. I remember, about a year ago in an airport a random stranger came up to me and said, “Your daughter looks exactly like you!” I was beaming and rushed to Krystal…

Wanna Make A Baby?

Over the past few months this phrase has taken on new meaning, because it is something we are now seriously discussing happening in the coming year. So in response to the phrase, “Wanna make a baby?” The answer is “Yes! But, how?”

Three Years of Marriage

April 15, 2020 – The Leather year. (Seriously, who comes up with these?) We have been married three years. How has it possible? This year has definitely been the most monumental because we welcomed our beautiful daughter Amelia into the world! All the other events that took place in this year of marriage don’t even…

The 2020 Cenus and the “other” mother

I was impressed to see the options for “same-sex” married and unmarried couples. What I found really unsettling, however is when asked the question below, this selection was the “correct” response.


Adopting Amelia who was conceived via Reciprocal IVF

Amelia’s Birth Story

The last weeks of pregnancy feel like eternity. From the start I was convinced she was going to come early, well 37 weeks came and went. She was full term and making no leaps to introduce herself to the world. At 37 weeks I was measuring 2cm and by 38 had only gained 1 cm….

Third Trimester

Week 28: This week we had a 3D Ultrasound and it was amazing. Although this is an elective ultrasound (meaning it is not covered by insurance), it was worth every penny. She was a little stubborn at first keeping her arm up by her face and her face buried in the placenta. After a little coaxing and…

Two Years, Forever to Go

Krystal and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday (April 15th). Although there were many big milestones none really compare to getting pregnant with our daughter. I even asked Krystal last night what her favorite part of year two was and she said, “pretty much anything to do with the baby.” I ditto that statement….