One Year of Happily Ever After: Part 2

The day of our actual anniversary was spent brunching, watching our wedding video,  exchanging our anniversary presents, and paddle boating.

Sound Wave Print from Artsy Voiceprint Vows from Grace Stone Designs

We stayed with the traditional anniversary gift; paper. Our coordination for gifts is impeccable! There is always a little piece of me that is scared when we exchange gifts that we got each other the same thing.

We also enjoyed our cake, it was not as bad as a thought it would be but very dry…. Krystal says it was delicious at our wedding; I didn’t get any.

Cake Topper from Heather Boyd Wire Knife Set from Tiny Love Treasures

Allow me to make a public service announcement. It is so refreshing to be able to go to Etsy find an item that I want that fits Krystal’s and I’s relationship. There are so many times, especially shopping for occasions like this one, where I find something cute but have to pay extra for customization or heterosexual options are the only ones available. This was the problem I found when looking for anniversary cards. I looked on Etsy found the card I wanted and was prepared to message her for a customization AND THEY HAD LGBT OPTIONS ALREADY AVAILABLE! I messaged her ( Beckamade. ) to tell her how thankful I was and she said something that I wish all businesses would adopt, “Love should always be easy to celebrate.” They also have LGBT Valentines Day cards…. just an FYI.

Cheers to all the adventures year two will bring.

P.S. The pictures at the beginning of this post were taken with my super awesome selfie stick. Awesome. I know.

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