The 2020 Cenus and the “other” mother

After enough mail to kill 100 trees I finally logged in online to fill out my household’s 2020 Cenus just to stop what felt like being berated by mail.

I was impressed to see the options for “same-sex” married and unmarried couples. What I found really unsettling, however is when asked the question below, this selection was the “correct” response.

I sat on the page for several minutes struggling with this response. I am not Amelia’s biological mother even though I gave birth to her. She does not share my genetics. So the only other option would be “adopted.”

Why do I have to classify myself as biological or adopted?

After being offended and slightly hurt, I asked myself what I box I would have preferred to check on a form of this nature. I’m not sure, but I do know that She is my child. That is the only category.

So I’m curious, what do you think the boxes should be?

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