Amelia’s Conception Book

Recently I read Three Makes Baby by Jana M. Rupnow. (I spoke about it in my last post more in depth – I highly recommend it!) In this book she suggested making a conception story to read to your child that they can engage with at their development stage.

I have always looked for books that showcases families like ours, but I thought this was such a beautiful idea to make it personal and tangible for little one and specific to them. This is also very obtainable in the age of Walgreens Photobooks and Shutterfly.

Since Amelia is still young she needs a shorter, simpler book I decided to go with Pinhole Press Story Board Book, which I had used in the past and was so happy with it. Below is the story I compiled for her.

We have always had the intention of being honest with Amelia about how she was conceived. The one area we have limited exposure is that no one knows anything about her donor other than Krystal and I. Our reasoning behind this is that we wanted to have control of the narrative and not have others telling her about her donor’s eye color or height, etc. This seemed like a perfect way to control and introduce the narrative to her.

When I first created this book, I added the only picture of the donor we have. While looking at it I realized that we weren’t ready for this. Although, I want Amelia to someday see this photo, it is also our journey as parents and right now that feels like too much for our family. So I decided to share facts about him instead in the form of Clip Art Milestone Chart similar to ones you see for birthdays or births. Momenti Design Studio on Etsy did a fabulous job creating the chart to add to our book.


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