Suppression to Stimulation

For those of you who are curious below is a typical timeline for an IVF Cycle. Keep reading to see our progress.



(Attempt 1 – Day 28) Krystal’s suppression phase got off to a slow start. After starting birth control for the suppression part of  the IVF Cycle. We discovered at her baseline scan that she had already developed one follicle. So instead of us being able to mature and retrieve multiple follicles, if we continued on, we would only be able to retrieve one follicle which may or may not survive to the embryo stage. So she started on a different birth control with a higher estrogen level and will start injections towards the end of the month.

(Attempt 2 – Day 12) Krystal’s blood work came back after being on the new birth control for a couple of weeks and everything looks great to proceed. Tonight (Monday) is her last birth control and she will have her Baseline Ultrasound later in the week.

(Attempt 2 – Day 15) Krystal’s Baseline Ultrasound came back really good, lots of follicles. So good in fact she is starting injections tonight instead of tomorrow. Onward to Stimulation Phase!!


(Attempt 2 – Injection Day 5) Krystal’s injections have been going well. Unfortunately I was only able to give her day 1-3 and had to go to Houston for Mama Sampson’s knee surgery. Krystal did say I was better at it then her Dad (who is a firefighter). *Insert hair toss.* She was also a pro at giving her three injections a day to herself!

(Attempt 2 – Trigger Day) Krystal had her last ultrasound on Saturday and that evening we gave the trigger shot, in the Top Golf parking lot because that is where we happened to be at 10:30p.m. When we had to give it.

Saturday night was also an eventful night. Looking back Krystal should not have played Top Golf with all the twisting and turning. She woke up at around 4:00 a lot of pain and we were concerned that her ovary had twisted. The pain subsided but we went in Sunday morning for an ultrasound and everything was great, but it gave us peace of mind.

Next update will be of Egg Retrieval!!

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  1. MommySquared says:

    Good luck and best wishes for lots of viable embryos!!


    1. madiobrien says:

      Thank you so much!


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