Egg Retrieval Day

We spent so long waiting for this day to arrive and it has come and gone before we could even realize it. Krystal did amazing for her Egg Retrieval and all the nurses and doctors were fabulous as usual at RMA. Krystal’s mom, Diana, came with us since I was going to have to work on Tuesday and they wanted her to stay overnight.

The whole procedure took about 20 minutes from the time they wheeled her off to the time she came back. Diana and I got to watch the whole thing on two screens; one for the ultrasound and the other was a live feed of the embryologist microscope. It was pretty cool. I’ve attached a clip below in case you are curious.

This is a picture after the procedure, I told her to smile in the background and she said, “I can’t… hold on, let me try. ” She also asked repeatedly if I had gotten a picture of her socks (literally 20 + times). She has had to take it easy and has been in some pain and discomfort, which our doctor said was to be expected. So now it is on to recovery, no more needle pricks or crazy hormones for her.

As of now these are our stats on Day 2. When is the Transfer of Embryos you might ask. Well we have made the decision to keep that process between s till we know if the pregnancy was successful. This is because it is something we want to share with the two of us as well as we don’t want to be bombarded with questions if we are pregnancy when we do not know. So I will keep you updated on our egg status and hopefully we will have some good news to report in the future.


Socks from PkvPrint Shop on Etsy

Letterboard from LetterBoardCompany on Etsy

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