“A Little Less than Awesome”

Our doctors words before Krystal’s egg retrieval were, “Madi you are going to feel awesome in the next few weeks, Krystal…. you’ll feel a little less than awesome.” Oh how true these words were.

Krystal seemed to be having a hard time bouncing back from the retrieval; between the nausea, bloating, dizziness, and vomiting she was just not in a great place. we called our (amazing) nurse and she had Krystal come up to San Antonio the next day at which point they diagnosed her with OHSS which is Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome.

Before the follicles were removed Krystal’s ovaries measured about 7 cm, after you would think they got smaller right? Well her’s are now about 8 cm and one is right under the center of her rib cage. The cause of this is fluid build-up. My poor wife has been on a low liquid, high sodium diet while she monitors her liquid output and wobbles around like she is four months pregnant because of the bloating. Monday marked one week since the retrieval so we are hoping that in about another week she will start feeling normal again.


On the flip side 10 of our embryos were successfully frozen!

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