Survival before Transfer

So as you may have guessed, there were a lot of steps after Krystal’s Egg Retrieval and before that positive pregnancy test; allow me to recap.

Day 9 – Things are going super smooth for me. I am on my 9th day of Estrogen and haven’t really noticed any changes aside from a horrible case of back-acne. At my baseline ultrasound my uterine lining was super thin. Which is to be expected after stopping birth control 3 days before; so now to make it thicker for ideal implantation.

DIMG_1611ay 12 – We stopped in San Antonio today on our way to move Ally into her dorm at Texas A&M. My ultrasound looked great, my uterine lining measured 13 instead of the 7 on Day 9. So that means we are on schedule for the transfer.

Day 13 –  Progesterone injections are no joke. Krystal chickened out on my first injection at 8 a.m. so her Dad had to do it for me. I would have given it to myself, and then she yelled, “No don’t do it!” SMH, What am I suppose to do with her? She was able to give me my evening dose and wasn’t half bad at it. Luckily she has plenty of time to improve her skills. Between my injection and the other prescriptions I need to take the alarms on my phone are excessive.

Day 16 – So I have come up with a routine for the injections.

  1. Put the vial of progesterone & oil in my bra for about 30 minutes to warm it up a bit. You would think since it is already at room temperature it wouldn’t make a difference, but wow! It makes a huge difference from being able to feel every bit going in to barely at all.
  2. Put an ice pack on the appropriate ass cheek for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Get my heating pad set up with my massager.
  4. I take it standing up (that’s what she said?) and it helps if I bend my leg a little bit rather than keeping my foot flat on the ground so I don’t tense.

Finally a little humor for my fellow speech and debate coaches.


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