May the embryos be ever in your favor: Transfer Day

(Somehow we lost the one in 18 between the car and the office) oops!

My transfer was scheduled for 11:15 and they told me to arrive with a full bladder. They, unfortunately, were short 2 nurses and didn’t end up starting till about 12:30.

I. Had. To. Pee. So. Bad.

Apparently it’s not a form of torture but allows for a better view of the uterus. When you see the video all the black on the screen is fluid is how full my bladder was. No joke I peed for over a solid minute afterwards.

I, of course, wore my good luck socks from pkvPrint on Etsy.

Our embryologist came and showed us the embryo we were going to transfer and said it was beautiful! She was also an Aggie so I feel like that is a good luck charm. Right?

Our embryo was a little stubborn and didn’t want to come out of the tube the first time so it took two goes, but maybe that means it’s sticky?

Here is the ultrasound if you focus on the right side you can see the tub and the deposit of the embryo and poof it’s done!

They did have to up my progesterone injections from 1 ml to 2 ml due to a slightly low level but other than that everything went beautifully.

Here is a picture of our beautiful embryo and it’s first home. P.U.P.O. Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.img_1649

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