The T.W.W.

You may be wondering what TWW stands for, it is an acronym for “Two Week Wait.” It is the amount of time you have to wait after the transfer to find out if the embryo stuck and if the pregnancy is viable. Our wait was more like a week and a half, but that was long enough because patience is not mine or Kyrstal’s strong suit, well mostly its just not mine.

The first few days were filled with McDonald’s fries and pineapples, both of which (supposedly) help that embryo become sticky. Our doctor told me to resume normal activity so there was no bed rest or limitations thankfully.

Day 4 post Transfer: The lumps have begun. After about 2 weeks of PIO its official I have bruises, and one not so fun lump on my bum. I also have a nice little heat rash from sitting on a heating pad for multiple hours. I am already counting down the days to be done with these daily injections.

Day 6 post Transfer: I haven’t really had any side effects from the PIO or transfer that I can tell. I’m very tired, but I think that has more to do with trying to lower my caffeine intake than anything. Heating pads and my massager are still my BFF and my favorite time of night is when it’s time for a (non -sexual) butt massage from my wife.

Day 7 post Transfer: I know all the books say not to and that you can get a false positive but we couldn’t help it so today we bought a pregnancy test. It wasn’t a clear positive but there was an ever so faint second line to help us not give up hope…. the waiting game continues.

And of course nothing is official without a t-shirt from Etsy to commemorate the occasion. Shop: Benny & Ray

The following weekend after the transfer was Labor Day weekend, we spent it at Lake Medina with family and friends. Everyone pestered us on whether we were “knocked-up” or not, none of them knowing we had already done the transfer and were anxious ourselves to know the answer to that question.

Day 10 post Transfer: Monday when we got home we couldn’t bear it anymore and took a second pregnancy test. Within seconds that double pink line showed up strong and bright as a positive pregnancy test. I’m not gonna lie we were excited, but we tried to keep our excitement contained since the surge in progesterone (of which I was still taking daily injections) can often cause a false positive.

Day 11 post Transfer: Tuesday, September 4, I went and had my first blood test done and wore a pineapple shirt for good luck. Later that afternoon we got a call confirming we were pregnant with HCG levels of 533. AHHHHHH

We went back for more blood work that Friday and confirmed we were still pregnant. Our HCG levels had almost tripled at above 1800. That embryo had found its new home!

Since technically the pregnancy calendar starts on the last day of your last period technically at the end of the two week wait we were 4 weeks pregnant!

* HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during and after implantation.

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