Waddle it Be?

Invitation by IndigoandOrion on Etsy

I cannot tell you how many times Krystal said, “Screw the party, I want to know now.” But we held out till our Gender Reveal as hard as it might of been on our patience. 

Since we found out extremely close to the Holidays we decided to go for a winter theme, with Penguins! Most of my inspiration came from Pinterst of course.

One would think around Christmas time, there would be Penguins everywhere. Nope! I think I covered every store looking for anything Penguin-esk. Thankfully the prep came around the beginning of my second trimester so I had a new found energy and was anxious to get back into my crafting. I decorated the chalkboards and painted the penguin jars for our diaper raffles and name suggestions. I was actually able to find a free diaper raffle ticket online too!

As much as I’d like to take credit for this idea myself, I can’t. However, I can take credit for the research that went behind making it “explode.” This website gave me step by step instructions. Finding hazmat chemicals was a different task, that I will say earned some respect from my students as I was on the phone with a scientific supply store. 

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