Second Trimester

16 Weeks: Lets just say I am a new person, those magic pills the doctor gave me at our last ultrasound with the combination of being out of the first trimester has given me a new burst of energy and a new appetite. We went to see the doctor this Tuesday and got to hear the heartbeat on the fetal doppler. I’m telling you that sound never gets old. She also ran some blood test that has to be done between 16 & 18 weeks for spina bifida. I have gained 6 pounds, it’s amazing what happens when you aren’t puking up every bite. 

17 Weeks: We sent our blood test back to SneakPeek and Erika our designated “person to know” will receive an e-mail with the sex of the baby. The anticipation isn’t killing us at all…. forget it I don’t even want to talk about it. We also got our results back from the 16 week test, all within normal ranges, so that is very reassuring. 

18 Weeks: The blood sample has arrived at the lab and Erika will find out in the next day or so, keeping us in suspense till Saturday.

22 Weeks: We are officially having a little girl it has been verified by not only a blood test but also an anatomy ultrasound. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Check out this post to find out more about the big reveal. Our little peanut has started to move more and more each day which is such a amazing and weird feeling. Krystal has even gotten to feel her when she’s not being difficult.

24 Weeks: We took a road trip this weekend for the Annual Mystic Krewe of Apollo Ball in Baton Rouge. The ball was fabulous and really probably the best yet, however traveling while pregnant… not so much. Combine the constant need to pee with the back aches from sitting; I’m just glad it will be the last “long” one till our love bug arrives.

25 Weeks: I am exhausted! With tech week and grad school I can barely hold my eyes open. Thanks to all things good that I have been able to squeeze in a nap here and there this week or else I don’t know how I would’ve survived. Little Bug is moving more and more and I find myself trying to find a correlation between what I’m eating or drinking and her movements so I can make her move more. Krystal gets to feel her almost on a daily bases, but she tries to be stubborn when other family members want to feel her move. We had a check up this week and did the glucose test which we will get back next week. The liquid you have to drink really isn’t too bad it just tasted like really sweet cherry kool-aid.

26 Weeks: As my belly grows bending down to pick things up or squatting to work in the shop becomes a question of “Is it really worth it?” before making the move. My students have begun say, “Wow you couldn’t do it right so now you are making the pregnant lady get down on the floor and do it.” Blood tests results came back and all is healthy and good. I am low on iron so I will begin taking an iron supplement everyday.

27 Weeks: It is amazing what a little Iron can do for your energy! We went back to the doctor this week and will start going every other week till we hit 36 weeks. Everything is progressing beautifully and our sweet bug is healthy and happy (I’m assuming from all the kicks).

Although most of my reading time has been consumed with grad school homework, I have managed to get through the majority of these books and I highly recommend them. I’ve also really enjoyed listening to the Pregnancy Confidential Podcast – although they are great at using “partner” they do only speak as partner with male pronouns, but the information is great!

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